Vol. 28 No. 1 (2024)

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A Multilingual Journey Through the Human Sciences


As we explore the latest issue of the Zanco Journal of Human Sciences (ZJHS), published by Salahaddin University, we are greeted with a range of scholarly discourse covering across multiple languages and disciplines. With articles and contributions presented in Kurdish, Arabic, English, French, and Turkish languages, this issue serves as an evidence to the rich linguistic and cultural diversity inherent in the quest of knowledge.

The topics covered in this issue are extensive and impressive as they reflect the multidisciplinary nature of human sciences. From the intricacies of language and literature to the complexities of geography, psychology, foreign language teaching, statistics, and sales, each of the published articles offers unique insights and perspectives that contribute to our collective understanding of the world.

At ZJHS, we are committed to fostering an comprehensive and collaborative scholarly community. We welcome researchers from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit their original research and/or review articles for publication. Regardless of your research interest and discipline, we invite you to share your insights with our readership as we believe in collaborating to build useful knowledge and construct worldviews in favor of humanity.

As we go through the vast landscape of human sciences, let us embrace the diversity of languages, cultures, and perspectives that enrich our collective understanding of the world. Join our team of scholars, researchers, reviewers and editors to continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and advance the frontiers of human inquiry. Submit your original research and review articles to ZJHS today and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and exploration.


Himdad A.Muhammad


Published: 2024-02-15