The Transformation of Enamored Women in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Khani’s Mam and Zin


  • Sherzad Shafie Babo Barzani* Department of English College of Languages, Salahaddin University- Erbil



Consciousness, Enlightenment, theodicy, psychoanalysis, patriarchy.


The transformation of Female lovers to higher levels of consciousness happens step by step in the tragedies of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Khani’s Mam and Zin. This research sheds light on this transformation that comes to its peak in the personality of the main female lovers of these two works. In Fritz Kunkel’s psychology, there are three levels of consciousness which are divided into multi-dimensions of two-dimensional person, three-dimensional person, and four-dimensional person. Furthermore, the paper will look into the possibilities of female characters evolving into more advanced forms of existence. The psychological characters of the lovers in the selected tragedies were undoubtedly shaped by society and its culture. The study has employed Karl Jung’s psychoanalysis and mystical theodicy as methodologies. 


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