The The Connotative Meaning of Emotional Words in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening


  • Hezha Hamid Mustafa Department of Individual Games, College of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Salahaddin University-Erbil



Connotative meaning, emotional words, positive connotation, negative connotation, natural connotation


    As connotative meaning is the associative meaning of words and it depends on personal usage and perception, it requires analysis and research in different areas such as literary, journal, cultural contexts. In this paper, the researcher chooses a context from a literary work that is a novel written by Cate Chopin which is entitled “The Awakening”. She selects the emotional words used in the text. Then, the connotative meaning of the selected emotional words are detected and classified according to their types in an organized table. Stating the positive, negative, and the neutral type. Later, the findings will announce the usage sequence (the most usage to the fewest usage) of the emotional words’ connotative meaning types. First, the positive connotative meanings are mostly used. Secondly, the negative connotative meanings and lastly the neutral connotative meanings are used.