Educational connotations in texts, children's theatre


  • Karwan Ali Muhamad Department of Cinema and Theater Arts- College of Fine Arts - Salahddin University-Erbil
  • Akram Faraedon Hamaamen Department of Media - College of Arts- Salaheddin University-Erbil



sign, education, text, theatre, children


Children are invented beings that can search and learn more inventors in the theater, the theater is considered one of the greatest arts in the history of human civilization, and the theater was launched by children at first Until this time and throughout this history he has been able to provide a great service to children and humanity through the goals of the texts and teams of the powers, and this is because of the art of theater except acting The importance of a group of different races and subjects is as follows: (Texts, Music, Light, Event, Time, Place, Accessor, Makeup, Dicor, Dialogue, ..) And raising awareness, teaching, and improving the level of worldview and understanding children and humanity has been established, which is why the theatrical text and the importance of text with its development He was able to get into most of the dimensions and gaps of human life and take advantage of them and make them an important part,Among them: (Belief, education, creative work, education, religion, social subjects, politics, history, love, patriotism, ridicule, ..)Of course, all of these people have caused encouraging and guiding children and many types of investigations and speeches On the technique and content of theatre and theatre stories by critics . in this frame and for the purpose of looking more In the role and importance of Kurdish theatre text, we needed to look at children's theatre in Kurdistan region and the importance of text Theatre in children's education in the Kurdistan Region.