The structure of meaning of the poetic image among the arts of rhetoric Poem (A tour in Hawraman) as a model


  • Himdad Husain Bakir College of Education - Kurdish Language Department / Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Muhammad Abdulkareem Ibrahim General Directorate of education in Erbil- Ministry of Education



structure, meaning, Eloquence, poetic picture, the poet Goran


This study tries to show the role of the Rhetorical arts of Eloquence (Similes, Metaphor and Metonymy) in the meaning of poetic images in new Kurdish poetry. For this purpose, the poet Goran's poem "A tour in Hawraman" has been chosen for the practice of the arts, because this poem has many lines (verses) and most of the verses are composed of poetic images, And Goran is one of the first poets who started writing modern poetry in Kurdish language. That's why poetry (A tour in Hawraman) as a practical example, gives accurate results. In the study: each of the art of Eloquence and poetry images is defined, then the types of Eloquence arts and their branches are described. After that, this information was practically selected in the text of the poem and a detailed statistic with required analyses of the statistics was presented, and finally the results of the study were presented.