Narrative time in novel Nataway Zerabakan (The Sewer Nation) according to Gérard Genette's theory


  • Farhad Azeez hasan College of Education-Makhmour, Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Karzan Muhseen Qadir College of Basic Education, Salahaddin University-Erbil



Narrative Time, the structure of time, Gérard Genette, Nataway Zerabekan (The Nation of Sewers)


Narrative time is one of the essential components of narration on which the structure of the narration is built. The narration is embodied in the novel’s literature within the time frame, as there is a close and basic relationship between them and this relationship is so solid that there is no narration that can be embodied outside the limits of the narration time. Therefore, the narration must be defined depending on the time of the narration. Gérard Genette is considered one of the theorists in the field of narrative literature, and his theory is based on the principle of structural research. To some extent, Gérard modifies the Structuralism theory and adds to it some other bases and rules and gives a clear and outstanding growth to this theory. Each of these levels is categorized into many different types. This study, according to Gérard Genette's theory, is an attempt to analyze the structure of the narrative time in the Nataway Zerabekan (The Nation of Sewers) by the novelist "Jabar Jamal Gharib" by identifying each of these levels and types.



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Azeez hasan, F., & Muhseen Qadir, K. . (2022). Narrative time in novel Nataway Zerabakan (The Sewer Nation) according to Gérard Genette’s theory. Zanco Journal of Human Sciences, 26(4), 208–222.