The Rules of ‘Law Firm’ in the Light of Legislation of Kurdistan Region-Iraq (a comparative study)


  • Rozhan A. Dizayee Department of Law-college of Law and International Relation, Lebanese French University-Erbil-Kurdistan Region- Iraqi



civil company, commercial company, company contract, Law firm


This study focuses on addressing the provisions of the law firms under the law of Kurdistan Region as these firms are of great significance and have characteristics distinguishing them from commercial companies. In addition to that, it is a new topic as it was organized by Kurdistan legislator in 2018 and the legislator has regarded them as civil companies.

The study dealt with an analysis of the legal texts regulating law firms under Kurdistan Region lawyers’ law, compared to the provisions regulating these companies in the laws of other countries, namely Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, in addition to the Iraqi Companies Law.

Through this study, we concluded that there are gaps and shortcomings in the said provisions in Kurdistan Region lawyers’ law; we have referred to all these gaps and shortcomings. At the end of the study, we presented proposals and recommendations to address them.