The Quranists in the Modern Era: Their Opinions and Characteristics


  • Abdulwahab Ghafor Kareem College of Islamic Science- Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Luqman Samad Khudhur College of Islamic Science- Salahaddin University-Erbil



Quranists, Sunnah, features, denial of hadith


        This study dealt with the identification of one of the contemporary current, which is the Qur'anic movement in the modern era, and to clarify their most prominent opinions and ideas about Islamic creed, law and its methodology, especially with regard to the Prophetic Sunnah, in addition to mentioning the most important features of this movement. Despite the clarity of the position of the Sunnah in Islam and its legislation, there are individuals and groups of prejudiced people who are only interested in working to destroy the structure of Islam and diminish its pillars. They began a long time ago spreading suspicions about the Sunnah of the Prophet and claiming that the Holy Qur’an alone is the source of legislation, and there is no consideration of other sources with it, which the nation unanimously accepted. This perverted thought penetrated a sect whose try to put its poor assets to the religion, and also their knowledge of religion is very limited, yet this sect has given itself the right to introduce Islam and formulate its legislation according to their whims and opinions that have no legal basis for them. The heresy of denying the Sunnah is a new heresy, and in this era in which ignorance and ignorant people abound, and misfortune prevailed, this thought spread until it found space for itself through various media elements, until the inventers of this thought took for themselves a name that is “The Qur’anic” and they are not related to anything with the Qur’an.