The Method of using violin bow (Hawler Music Band as a Sample)


  • Kawan Ahmad Elias college of fine arts music department Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Hazhar Ahmed Mustafa Music Department- Fine Arts College/ Salahaddin University-Erbil



bow, violin instrument bow, violin instrument, music band, Hawler Music Band


It is a descriptive and analytical research; in this research the researchers show some topics and subjects on the way of using violin bow in Hawler music band. The violin instrument is defined as one of the string instruments with bow and its status and characteristic is different from other instruments in using performance techniques with bow, in the history of Hawler music band, this instrument has had a major and an effective role among the instruments of this band in their artistic work. Therefore, the researcher found this research as a necessary one to study styles and techniques of using bow scientifically in Hawler Music band.

The content and methodology of this research is made of some topics: Section one is about defining violin instrument, then the definition of violin and its historical side is analyzed in addition to types of violin bow according to different ages of music. The elements of violin bow are mentioned in terms of its parts and the importance of each part. After that, the directions of violin bow are discussed, and holding the violin scientifically are explained. Analyzing and performing styles and techniques of violin bow is another topic of this research in which techniques and styles of violin bow are mentioned in different aspects including dynamic examples and their performance through violin bow, the speed of bow, weight and the relation point of bow. Next, a comprehensive study on techniques and intonation of violin bow are discussed in which the techniques are 24. After finishing these topics, a short historical background of Hawler music band is mentioned. The use of style and techniques of violin bow in the work of Hawler music band are examined in a way all techniques and styles which are relevant to violin bow are analyzed depending on music score and resources.



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Ahmad Elias, K., & Ahmed Mustafa, H. (2022). The Method of using violin bow (Hawler Music Band as a Sample). Zanco Journal of Human Sciences, 26(3), 100–120.