Irony in Kurdish Short short Stories


  • Sangar Nadhim Hussein Kurdish Department, Faculty of Education, Koya University
  • Rezan Saleh Mawlood Kurdish Department, Faculty of Education, Koya University



Irony, Kurdish literature, short short story


This article, entitled “Irony in Kurdish Short short Stories”, is basically a section of a doctoral dissertation, which has been selected for publication and consists of an introduction, a theme and several discussions, and finally the results, achieved by the researcher, have been presented.

At the beginning of the article, the concept, role, importance, and function of irony as well as the types of irony have been discussed in a good theoretical manner. Then, some examples of the types of irony in Central-Kurmanji Kurdish short short stories have been given, by using the descriptive and analytical method.

The importance of such an article is evident in the fact that this is the first time such a topic has been researched academically and previously irony only has been analyzed in the field of Kurdish poetry, while this genre is not only linked to poetry, but can also be seen in all genres.