Comparative Method of Historian Fuad Sazgin in his book (GAS)


  • Mabast Burhan Qadir Department of History, College of Arts, Salaheddin University-Erbil
  • Tareq Mohammed Awrahim Department of History, College of Arts, Salaheddin University-Erbil



Sazgin, Comparative Method, Civilization, Historical Writing Method, Map


The historian Mohammed Fuad Sazgin (1924-2018) has many scientific masterpieces in the field of writing the history of Islamic culture. He has a special scientific method in writing (History of Arab culture) which was one of his scientific projects. In this eighteen-volume project of Sazgin, The historian researcher notes that the author used several methods including descriptive, analytical and comparative methods to show historical facts and identify scientific sources, and with these methods he was able to show the place of Muslim scientists in the history of science, Compare them with the rank of scientists of other civilizations, He could also compare the ideas, inventions and science of other civilizational scientists, With these methods revealed many hidden historical facts in the history of science. In this reseach, only the comparative method will be discussed and the results of this method will be presented. It will include comparing the manuscripts of Muslim scholars with those of Western scholars and exposing fraud in translation activities, using comparative methods to compare the ideas of scholars of Greek civilization, Islamic civilization and Western civilization, in most branches of science.