Language Landscape in Bakhtyari street in Erbil


  • Qais Kakl Tawfiq College of Arts, Kurdish Language Department, Soran Universit
  • Jihan Yusif Ahmed College of Education, Kurdish Language Department, Salahaddin University-Erbil



Language Landscape, monolingual, Bilingual, multilingual


This research (language landscape in Erbil city, Bakhtiari street as an example) is trying to clarify the language landscape in both theoretical and practical aspects. In the first part, the concept of language landscape is clarified terminologically. It has been tried to present the importance and the role of this topic generally, later on, the, relationship between the language landscape and the policy of language as well as the planning of the language is mentioned, at the same time the types of the language landscape in the aspect of goods and also in the aspect of the street language has been determined. For the practical part of this research, the street of Bakhtiarii is taken as an example which is a Main Street m while it is an important area of local shopping (Bazaar) in Erbil the capital city of the Kurdistan region. The Data’s and statistics of the language landscape of this street which is, monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual, have been accurately analyzed. The data of the dominant language in all the three types of language landscape has been precisely explained, and the method of the usage of formal and informal of any those mentioned above in terms of percentage have been presented by chart and ratio. In conclusion, a very detailed study has been devoted to the data and the results of the research have been presented.