The role of Personal Deixis in the short story "Dash Acol" by sadegh Hedayat


  • Biranda Abdulla Othman Persian Department, College of Languages, Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Mzgin Abdualrahman Chali Kurdish Department, College of Languages, Salahaddin University-Erbil



Pragmatics, Deixis, Personal Deixis, Dash Acol


The study of Personal Deixis is one of the important aspects of language in the field of pragmatics. One of its most obvious features is dependence on subjectivity and context. Because personal deixis are clear examples of the cultural and social characteristics of a language; The classification, interpretation and analysis of Personal Deixis and their role in literary texts such as short story, is one of the most important aims of this research. In this research, we find the descriptive- statistical method in analyzing the frequency and role of personal deixis in the short story "Dash Acol". The results obtained in this study shows that personal deixis play an important role in conveying meaning to the reader. The most common of them are in the form of personal pronouns with a frequency of (% 75.09) percent, the demonstrative pronoun, at a rate of (% 6.7), special nouns, with a percentage (% 4.91) and nicknames, with (% 12.32) in next rank. The lowest frequency takes kinship terms (% 4.32).