The Kurds in The Encyclopedia of Islam (Method and Information Sources (132-656) (750-1258)


  • Hakeem Ahmed Mambakr History Department, College of Arts, Salahaddin Universty-Erbil
  • Tara Mohammed Khdir History Department, College of Arts, Salahaddin Universty-Erbil



Encyclopedia, Source West, Targt, Method.Orientalism.


. As it is known since the 19th century, the history and historian of the more developed scientific path in the frame of only the past and collecting and collecting information has been evaluated for Criticizing and analyzing the data with the method of scientific research and decreasing the information gained the value of its science in other sciences. In addition, orientalism and eastern works and products, as another phenomenon, proved the importance of eastern history and eastern civilizations by historical researchers and scientific and literary centers, but easternism is beyond that argument. open and can be done about the refineries and incentives in the activities of foreign and western orientalists that are evaluated and appreciated from the different poles but gradually the eastern field was getting wider and richer , part of the khurmani  The information collected and recorded by the Orientalists themselves was printed and published within the framework of encyclopedias, including the (Islamic Encyclopedia), which provides us with a source of rich information about the history and civilization of the people. Islamic and Eastern, which is involved in the dissemination of more information and knowledge about eastern history in general and the Islamic era in particular, is certainly part of what it is like in the Islamic era because of the development of historical writing and protection.  The information was available as original materials, sources, and detailed and accurate information records to benefit Western writers and researchers and make them the basis and raw materials available for writing and preparing The Ensclopedia of Islam.