Geographical analysis of building materials in pirzin Studies in rural geography


  • Hogir Jamil Ahmed Ministry of Education - Fakhir Merkasur Educational Complex



building materials, rural houses, pirzin


   Building houses with various materials is one of the most important cultural and material features of man, and housing is an indicator of human lifestyle and the degree of urbanization of societies, and it is known that there are many building materials used in building houses in prizin. The study aims to reveal the quality of the materials used in the composition of the houses in prizin, in order to contribute to the development of development plans in the study area by the officials and the competent authorities. To reach the goal of the study, the study followed the descriptive and analytical approach. on this basis, the study was divided into three Main parts, including the definition of the study area, then the type of materials used, and then the role of factors affecting the use of materials in building houses in a study area.

   It is noteworthy including, all the materials used in building houses in pirzin before 1977 consisted of mud, clay, wood and bricks. Glass, secondary ceilings, cement, kasha, stone al-Halen. However, in 2008, the block material developed little by little compared to its predecessor, but in the year 2021 the percentage of the quality of materials used from block in the composition of prizin houses reached %96 compared to the materials that are now made of mud none.