The role of information technology dimensions in the effectiveness of information systems An analytical study of the opinions of the directors of a sample of private hospitals in Erbil


  • Ali Ibrahim Weli Department of Business Administration, College of Administration & Economic, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq



Strategic Information Systems, Management Decisions, Private Hospitals.


 The research aims to identify the relationship and impact of the dimensions of technology in the effectiveness of strategic information systems and their role in the effectiveness of administrative decisions in the effectiveness of administrative decision, through the analytical selection of research variables based on a theoretical and systematic framework, as a questionnaire distributed to a sample of managers and officials in private hospitals in Erbil city, which numbered 96 managers out of 105 directors as a research community, was designed to verify the hypotheses developed to address the problem of research and subjected to multiple tests Through the use of the statistical program (SPSS. V.26). One of the most important findings of the research. There are positive moral relationships between the dimensions of information technology and the dimensions of the variable strategic information systems, as the correlation coefficients are high and these results confirm the strong correlation between the two variables, as well as the moral impact of information technology on the effectiveness of strategic information systems.