The Theory of Sexual Criticism / pedophile novel " by Farhad Birbal


  • Karzan Muhsen Qader College Basic of Education, Kurdish Language Department, Salahuddin University-Erbil



Queer, Nation, Religion, Crime, Kurdishness, Baathism.


This study titled "The Theory of Sexual Criticism / pedophile novel " by Farhad Birbal as a model that is considered a unique study within the framework of Kurdish literary criticism as no such topic has been addressed, especially through theoretical criticism, so we want to stand on it in the context of Theoretical criticism and to introduce one of the contemporary critical theories to Kurdish literary criticism as it was not shed light on it as it should be through previous studies and this theory is known as the theory of "Queer Sexuality" and especially in the paragraphs, subjects and parts related to sexual eroticism among males .Through the “pedophile novel”, the violence and sexual assault of children and adolescents is highlighted, as the novelist believes that this violence and sexual abuse is not only related to the issue of the body, but also includes violence and sexual abuse in wider areas and extends towards the destruction of pain, spiritual and mental torture as well. Thus, this person becomes a victim and his entire life path turns towards turmoil and badly takes the steps of his life. At the same time, sexual violence is related to forensic and criminal medicine as well, but within the framework of this novel, all state institutions have been placed under the domination of perpetrators and executioners, and the victim does not find a glimmer of hope to defend himself. Rather, these governmental institutions cause distortion of the spirit of the Kurdish human, personality disorder and his national identity, and that he is nearing perdition. The novelist intends to tell the reader what he means: We have also been subjected to killing, genocide, Anfal Campaign and mass graves. Thus, we were exposed to mass sexual assaults as well, and this type of sexual assault provides an opportunity for an authoritarian regime so that it does not believe in the legitimacy of any rights of a subjugated nation such as the Kurdish nation. We can summarize some of the questions and topics raised in the "Pedophile" novel through these simple questions: What is the relationship of the Pedophile to existence, national identity, homeland and citizenship? How does the Pedophile novel express a somewhat domineering nation and a subjugated nation? What is the influence of Pedophile on Kurdish society, before and later? What effect does a Pedophile have on the feelings of a Kurdish individual? ... etc. These are simple questions, but it is profound in its implications in the Pedophile novel by Farhad Birbal, which is reflected and still reflected in the Kurdish individual personality.




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