The symptom of parallelism in Mawlawi’s Preamble, Lengthy poem Al-Fathila


  • Ali Abdulrahman Fattah Department of Arabic Language, College of Languages, Salahaddin University-Erbil



Aesthetics, parallelism, Al-Fathila and Mawlawi


This research paper is entitled as “The symptom of parallelism in Mawlawi’s Preamble, Lengthy poem Al-Fathila”. It is about a thousand and three hundred and thirty –two verses. It is characterized by being full of stylistic and eloquent arts which justify such length. These arts, due to the researcher’s knowledge have not been covered from literary point of view. The researcher has studied almost all kinds of parallelisms, but it doesn’t limit all its literary treasures to one study only, the very reason that led the researcher to take into considerations much area allowed for an academic to study. Among such parallelisms are: the phonetic, structural, semantic and morphological, though astonished among all these samples that reject to gain the agreement of the researcher when search for the best and the most beautiful one. Each sample is more beautiful than the previous. Some of the verses contain different types of parallelisms and this is a fact every researcher is aware of. For these reasons, the researcher tried to summarize due to his skill and experience depending on most important available references in this field. The research is in four sections due to each kind of the parallelism, depending on the analytical, descriptive approach in exerting the stylistic, feature that denote depth of meaning of the religion, philosophy of logic.