Referenece and its effect on the textuality in (farewell sermon)


  • Gunay Ahmed Ali College of Language, Salahaddin University-Erbil



Sermon, Language, text, farewell, referral


This paper entitled (Referenece and its effect on the textuality in (farewell sermon)). The reason behind choosing farewell sermon is due to its significance in terms of rhetorical components and other important issues included in this specific sermon. The study starts with an introduction to linguistics and textuality and its function. It deals with a short introduction of textuality in the Arabic rhetoric because Arabic rhetoric constitutes an important part in the modern linguistics both theoretically and practically. After introduction, the paper researches (pronoun reference) and the next section is about (reference by demonstrators) and the third section is entitled reference by (relative noun). The study ends with a discussion of the concept reference and the result was presented among the most important findings of the study are the study of Farewell is one of the most important sermons that various linguistic and textual studies could be conducted on it such as rhetorical structure and stylistic features or speech acts. So, the farewell sermon is considered to be prophet’s (Pbuh) highly rhetorical speech. This has been confirmed and agreed upon by most scholars and researchers. The study come to conclusion that reference is not only a linguistic device but also has an important purpose in using. It is not only a syntactic device but also semantic device through which certain rhetorical aims could be achieved.

The researcher used various sources among them rhetorical sources such as (Miftah Alhulum) by Alsakaki and Syntactic sources such as (Sharh- alashmooni) on Alfia Ibn Maleek. In addition to, linguistic sources like the study of linguistics and text of (Debugrand) and many other sources related to the study.







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