The Concept and Origin of Discrimination in Islamic History


  • Jamil Ali Rasul Department of sharea, College of Islamic sciences, Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Mohamad Fakhradeen Mohamad Department of Islamic education, Salahaddin University-Erbil



concept, Origin, Discrimination, Islamic, history


This research, entitled (The Concept and Origin of Discrimination in Islamic history), it consists of an introduction, four topics and a conclusion. As for the introduction, it deals with the importance of looking at the terms contained in the research and clarifying their meanings, as well as it deals with the history of the emergence of the separation and the factors that led to it. And the fist topic deals with the concept of separation in two chapters. The first chapter talks about defining separation, disperse and division in language, and the second chapter is about defining it idiomatically. As for the second topic, it includes the definition of words related to separation: disagreement, difference, dispute, discord, and strife, and it consists of two chapters, the first one talks about defining it in language, and the second about defining it idiomatically. And the third topic contains a statement of the difference between (disagreement and difference), (separation and difference) and (dispute, discord and contention) in three chapters, the first chapter talks about the difference between the two terms (disagreement and difference). And the second chapter includes the difference between (separation and disagreement), and the third chapter shows the difference between (dispute, discord and quarrel). And the fourth topic talks about the history of the emergence of separation in two chapters. The fist chapter shows the history of the emergence of separation among humans, and the second chapter deals with the history of the emergence of separation in the Islamic nation. The conclusion summarizes the most important findings of the research, including: Separation from the laws of God Almighty in his creation as we find it in human history since the creation of Adam – peace be upon him – until now, and that the separation of Muslims is an inevitable matter, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told, and that man is instinctive to distinguish him from the other, he likes to prove his personality, and he tries to complete what he sees as incomplete and beautify what he imagines is ugly, and for this he was forced to various means, including separation and distance from the other, in order to achieve what he wants. The method of this research is based on the descriptive analytical method.